Monday, May 24, 2010

Another Nail in The Coffin of Freedom - The Mark of The Beast

Senate Democrats Pass Bill Allowing Govt to Collect Addresses, ATM Records of Bank Customers
Friday, May 21, 2010
By Matt Cover, Staff Writer

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.). (AP Photo/Harry Hamburg)

Senate Democrats united to pass a financial regulatory bill that allows the government to collect data on any person operating in financial markets at any level, including the collection of personal transaction records from local banks that list customers’ addresses and ATM receipts.

The Senate voted 59-39 on Thursday to pass the bill, the chief aim of which is to more-heavily regulate the financial industry. The bill now goes to a conference committee in the House of Representatives, where differences between the House and Senate versions will be ironed out.

The bill, if it becomes law, would create the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection and empower it to “gather information and activities of persons operating in consumer financial markets,” including the names and addresses of account holders, ATM and other transaction records, and the amount of money kept in each customer’s account.

The new bureaucracy is then allowed to “use the data on branches and [individual and personal] deposit accounts … for any purpose” and may keep all records on file for at least three years and these can be made publicly available upon request.

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  1. There are so many cracks in the dike that it would take a million little Dutch boys to stick their fingers in to keep the water out...

  2. LL - You know, one way to cap'n control Big Guv is to limit its income and spending authority: i.e. defund it's agencies' powers. That master stroke is still within the power of Congress. Can it be done? Perhaps?

  3. Ran: I agree, but none of that is will happen before January 2011, and that assumes that diligent and serious fiscal Conservatives regain control of at least the House.

  4. This is nothing more than intimidation and invasion of privacy. Why ATM records? They want to know how much gas someone puts in their car?