Saturday, May 29, 2010

BOTUS Does a Rose Mary Woods Stretch on Sestak Job-gate

Who alive and more or less sentient at the time can forget the hilarious implausibility of Ms. Woods demonstration on how she accidentally erased 18.5 minutes from a White House tape.

Rose Mary Woods s t r e t c h e s to demonstrate how she "inadvertently"
caused an 18.5 minute gap on a White House tape

Well, Ms. Woods' laughable explanatory demonstration has finally been outdone by Mr. Transparency himself.

The Wall Street Journal has a great piece up questioning the plausibility of Robert Bauer's Memo released by the White House Office of Cover-Ups (f/k/a Office of White House Counsel): Rahm to Bill to Joe

A Round-up of Bloggers discussing this act in B'Oz's Theater of the Absurd:

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  1. Thanks for the link! I think the analogy to Watergate is apt. This is starting to appear like one of those moments where the coverup will be worse than the crime itself, and they definitely appear to be in coverup mode! It should be interesting to see how this one plays out.

  2. Back. This is how I make a living. New site's up. Hand-coded, patched and brute-forced - but it works.

    Right. Woods. I admired the lady's loyalty, but on the other hand... or should I say foot...

  3. IMO Obama will blame the ILLEGAL, impeachable offense of offering Sestak a job on (a) Bush (b) racism (c) his dog

    And it won't work... this time, we're going to be demanding some answers, and not the usual mercurial BS- how bout the truth for once