Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Barack Obama - Man of the Elites; Let the Rabble Eat Cake

So much for B'Oz's "Man of the People" image. After this fancy spread was laid out for the Uber Rich Elite of Californiabroke he's looking ever more aloof and disconnected from reality on the ground in America where 10% unemployment means there are millions of real people who CAN'T PUT FOOD ON THEIR TABLES let alone pay $17.6K/Person to help Barbara Boxer get re-elected so she can help Barry SCREW them over for another 6 years. The Audacity of Hope indeed.

It all brings to mind a certain French queen who reportedly said "Let them eat cake" as the peasants starved. Pop History Quiz: How did she die BTW?

What to Eat on a $17,600 Date With the President

President Obama hosts a star studded dinner at the Getty mansion with a menu to match

So what does $92,000 an hour buy you in food? If you're President Barack Obama it gets you a plate full of hors d'oeuvres, a salad and ribs.

Mr. Obama's 19-hour whirlwind Bay Area fundraising trip filled Sen. Barbara Boxer's wallet with $1.75 million and he used a $17,600 a person dinner at the Getty Mansion in San Francisco to bring in the big bucks.

The president's 80 dinner guests were treated to an elaborate meal prepared by chef Jennifer Johnson, according to SF Gate, who got the scoop on the menu.

Diners were treated to quail egg with caviar and salmon ceviche with jicama and avocado on a tortilla chip as their starting hors d'oeuvres. Next they were served a spring onion-asparagus tartlet with Meyer lemon vinaigrette-dressed frisee salad.

The main course was braised Kobe beef short ribs with potato puree and a salsa verde-topped spring vegetable ragout. And the evening was topped off with buckwheat crepes with roasted cherries and almond ice cream.

Of course guests were given the opportunity to smile and take a picture with their favorite fundraising president. Worth the $17,600 price tag? You tell us.


  1. Idiots, lol

    All the money in the world won't help the Dems now... harsh retribution coming in November

  2. This entire presidency strikes me as consistent with Sarah Palin's quip at the convention: Just another stop on a journey of self-discovery. "What I did on my summer holiday." The bowing and scraping and apologizing "balanced" by a thin-skinned arrogant hyper-ego.

  3. LINKED at RR today- enjoy your weekend, and may God Bless the USA


  4. The outrageousness never ends. I'm taking subdued comfort in the fact that some the of Lefties (like Carville) are turning on Obama.