Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Rob Simmons Has Really Disappointed Me.

Yesterday I started thinking about hopping off the fence and making a decision about which of the two Republican U.S. Senate contenders I would endorse on this blog (I don't consider Linda McMahon even remotely credible or qualified): Peter Schiff or Rob Simmons. I was leaning toward Simmons as the candidate most likely to be successful against Dick Blumenthal in November, even though I agree with Peter Schiff on most matters. Then Rob Simmons just had to dump this poorly reasoned Press Release today. What a disappointment!

For Immediate Release
May 5, 2010

"I Urge Attorney General Blumenthal To Reverse His Prior Position Supporting Civilian Trials For Terrorists Who Fit Shahzad's Profile"

(MYSTIC) - Rob Simmons, candidate for US Senate, made the following statement on the need to enhance aviation security measures and to treat citizens who engage in acts of terrorism against the United States as enemy combatants to be tried in military tribunals:

"The attack at Fort Hood and Sunday's attempted attack in Times Square show a growing trend of foreign groups training, inspiring and coordinating with American citizens to commit acts of terror within our borders. And in the case of the Times Square Bomber and the Christmas Day Bomber, we see that nearly nine years after the 9/11 attacks, the federal government has still failed to implement even basic security measures to prevent known terrorists from gaining access to commercial aircraft.

"Specifically, rather than relying on untrained airline staff to check passengers against inconsistent and often outdated no-fly lists, we must have trained security officials checking passengers against uniform watch lists which are updated in real time. A fractured system with airlines responsible for checking lists invites security gaps. Further, simple misspellings in no-fly list entries can prevent detection of terrorists, such as occurred with the Christmas Day bomber, suggesting the technology used by our government is not even up to par with that used by average Google users. It's time for the federal government to come out of the stone age, and put available 21st Century technologies in place to protect our nation.

"Further, it appears Faisal Shahzad is a strong candidate to be tried by military tribunal, not civilian courts. Although he is a citizen, America has a long history of trying citizens involved in military actions against the state in military tribunals. In fact, the Americans who conspired to assassinate President Lincoln were tried by military tribunal.

"While we continue to establish the facts in this case, the perpetrator has admitted he was involved in a foreign terrorist conspiracy and as such is an enemy combatant. If facts bear out Shahzad's admission of involvement with foreign terrorists, he should be tried by tribunal where we can ascertain important intelligence that is kept secret from our enemies, and prevent the terrorists from exploiting a high profile public relations platform. I urge Attorney General Blumenthal to reverse his prior position supporting civilian trials for terrorists who fit Shahzad's profile.

"Finally, I support Senator Lieberman's bill to strip citizenship from terrorists like Shahzad who join foreign terror groups. This important step would update current laws that deprive citizenship for Americans who join foreign armies.

"The American government must recognize that terrorists are part of a global movement at war against the United States, not common criminals. They must be treated accordingly."

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