Saturday, May 1, 2010

Indicia of a Return to Economic Sanity ???

Rasmussen Reports yesterday released poling data that 66% of its likely voter poll respondents believe that cutting taxes is the preferred and more effective way to increase employment.

Obviously, this isn't rocket science to most people, but it appears to prove extremely difficult material and just beyond the intellectual grasp of Ivy educated lawyers and economists. Yet, they keep telling us how much smarter they are than the rest of us.

Rasmussen Reports

Friday, April 30, 2010

Most U.S. voters favor a new government program designed to create jobs but still think ultimately tax cuts and decisions by private business leaders will do more good in terms of job creation.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey of Likely Voters finds that 66% believe cutting taxes is a better way to create new jobs than increasing government spending. That’s up seven points from January.

Just 18% think increasing government spending is the better way to go. Another 16% are not sure.

Sixty-five percent (65%) say decisions made by U.S. business leaders to help their own businesses grow will do more to create jobs than decisions made by government officials. Twenty-five percent (25%) say decisions made by government officials to create jobs will do more.

Still, 69% of voters say it is at least somewhat important for the government to launch a new program designed to create jobs, with 50% who believe it is very important. Only 27% say such a program is not very or not at all important.

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  1. Got you on my new blogroll now, LibAd

    And BTW, Reagan’s tax cuts and energizing of the nation’s entrepreneurial spirit created over 20M jobs, growing Real GDP by almost 30% in the process… and giving this country eight of the best years it’s ever seen.

    Those kind of results makes one wonder why Obama’s Porkulus spending binge would impress anybody, with his pledged 3M new and “saved” jobs (whatever those are)… a paltry figure 17M shy of Reagan’s impressive accomplishment.

    And it quickly become obvious that Obama’s weak pledge won’t be delivered upon anyway, unemployment is soaring…

  2. I can't stand Obama, but I can't stand this TeaParty BS either. You people are out of your mind. I wholeheartedly agree with Libertarian views but only when it comes to individuals and small businesses. You think deregulation and small government is good for all business? if so, you are delusional. Just look at what an even slightly regulated free market system gives us with these too big to fail financial giants, big pharma, energy giants and so on? Big business is bad for a society. Why do you think companies are moving jobs overseas to countries with min wage standards and an exploitable populace and resources.

  3. Oh how nice, A libertarian who censors his comments. Can't debate openly or what?

  4. @ Anonymous/JpKnowMad: I'm going to assume that you are one and the same person in as much the whiny complaint on my "censoring" of reader comments by JP came so closely after a frankly insulting screed comment by "Anonymous." I typically post all comments whatever the source, unless the poster is abusive, or stupid or adds absolutely nothing of value to the debate. That said, I feel no obligation at all to post any comment, since this is my blog, not yours.

    Your Assumption that I am a member of the "Tea Party", whatever that is, is flatly wrong, I'm not, though I do share many of the concerns of people who do participate in tea party events.

    As to your whine about deregulation, it seems to me that what you don't understand at all is that the financial giants LOVE regulation, the more regulations imposed by government, the better the giants you complain of are protected because regulatory compliance acts as an extremely expensive barrier to entry to potentially more innovative potential competitors. Don't believe me? Research it.