Monday, October 19, 2009

Anita Dunn Spills Obama Campaign Tactic Secret: CONTROL THE PRESS!

With a grateful Hat Tip to PAT DOLLARD | YOUNG AMERICANS below is video of Mao-enthralled Anita Dunn admitting in a (foreign) TV interview how BOTUS' campaign manipulated American journalists and effectively spoon-fed the mainstream press corp by avoiding interviews to the fullest extent possible. In the video, Dunn explains that the strategy made it possible for the campaign to maintain absolute control over the message and compelled the press to report on the content delivered in David Plouffe's propaganda videos rather than put Plouffe into an interview scenario where the message risked dilution.

Tell me mainstream reporters, are y'all starting to feel like SUCKAS? (Radical Def: Useful Idiots)

Tim at Left Coast Rebel also covers this story HERE


  1. I think they knew already- it's hard to demand your dignity know after being such obsequious toadies in the campaign last year.

    And Obama always treated them with contempt- He knows he owns then, they painted themselves into a corner when they bet everything on blue.

    So he treats them like crap, with "don't waste you're question"- "that's enough pictures"- and even "get back on the bus"- ouch.

    Serves 'em right, LOL

  2. Even though it's now been openly admitted, some still won't believe king Obama could ever do such a manipulative thing. pssh

  3. The mainstream media, delusional as always, will probably explain Dunn away as being revolutionary or "born before her time." For someone in "Communications," you'd think Dunn would be a little more crafty. Obviously she has no concerns dishing about something so outrageous.

  4. Alinsky’s #13 strikes again with the offensive against Fox News- this is getting pretty predictable. To my recollection, he’s yet to gain anything from them.

    Still more attempts to isolate and neutralize his fiercest opponents like Rush, while serving as a lesson to the rest of us reactionary riff-raff.

    But it looks like Obama’s MSM toadies are kinda cool to the idea of piling-on here/isolating Fox like Team Obama told them to; finally they all see a frightening precedent in this… and joining Team Obama for this book-burning would take our Yellow Press still another notch down… to “brown” status, LOL.