Friday, October 30, 2009


Below, in part, is a well considered piece on the Obama Administration's position regarding curtailing or even reversing decades of 1st Amendment case law through the State Department's participation in the drafting of a U.N. Resolution that could very well open the door to religious defamation suits by faith groups that dislike criticisms of their religions. Read on, THIS IS VERY SERIOUS STUFF!


Troubling Signals On Free Speech

In his eagerness to please international opinion, President Obama has taken a small but significant step toward censoring free speech.

It was nice to hear Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton say on October 26, "I strongly disagree" with Islamic countries seeking to censor free speech worldwide by making defamation of religion a crime under international law.

But watch what the Obama administration does, not just what it says. I'm not talking about its attacks on Fox News. I'm talking about a little-publicized October 2 resolution in which Clinton's own State Department joined Islamic nations in adopting language all-too-friendly to censoring speech that some religions and races find offensive.

The ambiguously worded United Nations Human Rights Council resolution could plausibly be read as encouraging or even obliging the U.S. to make it a crime to engage in hate speech, or, perhaps, in mere "negative racial and religious stereotyping." This despite decades of First Amendment case law protecting such speech.

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  1. Scary, scary stuff... just in time for Halloween. I have more respect for Hillary now that Obama has made an image for himself that is so unpresidential and undignified. At least Hillary doesn't pretend to be cool and drink beer and play sports so stupid people in America think she's just like them. Ugh!

  2. You've got a top notch blog. I've added you to my blog roll!

    As I'm sure you know. The libs do protect hate speech, but only if it comes from them.

  3. I've been following this thing since they brought it up while Bush was still in office. Scary, scary stuff. I suspect though, that ultimately the Supreme Court will find it to be inconsistent with the First Amendment. Still, that's not something I want to count on.

  4. Great piece... just linked this at the Reaganite Republican.

    Keep up the Good Fight... our sides' winning now!

    Your Ally... James