Saturday, October 17, 2009

DELUSIONAL PROGRESSIVE "wyt" on the Impending Need to Round up Conservatives

From TALKING POINTS MEMO, via Moonbattery, via Reaganite Republican Resistance comes this illuminating comment from progressive reader "wyt" on the coming need to round up conservative obstructionist "vermin" and put us all into "FEMA" camps.

Ohhh, the tolerance and compassion of the progressive left is so heartwarming aint it? And they call us "Nazis"?

October 16, 2009 5:13 PM in reply to tonigo

But you see, something will stop them. We (the real Americans, the good and sane people) will have to round them up and put them in FEMA camps. And they know it. We're (some of us) the only ones in denial about this. They are vermin. They are not compatible with the ongoing of civil society, let alone civilization. And if you are right that "nothing will stop them," well, something will. They will finally step too far out of line (note how much rope Obama's administration's giving them) and there will be widespread public support for rounding them up and imprisoning them.

Which will tragically sad, but also absolutely necessary, should it come to pass.


  1. Lefties love putting people in internment's the traditional way for them to get rid of those who dare challenge their insane policies.

  2. BTW, I don't know why my feed isn't working on your blog. Maybe you could take it off and then add it back again? I'm using feedburner now, so maybe that will clear it up. :)

  3. Just... charming. Sierra Foxtrot Charlie.

    On the other hand, it speaks volumes about this person's neurosis, and that it's triggered by the rise of the Libertarian Right. Our ideas are getting at them, getting on the radar.

    When the Left go moonbat, it means then that we're reaching the great "middle ground" of undecideds. And that, Sir, is good news.

  4. Ran: That's why I had to post it. A lot of these guys n gals are starting to froth at the mouth. Rabies (or as the French call it, "Rage") perhaps?