Sunday, October 18, 2009

From Fox 5 Revolutionary Guard Commanders Killed in Iran Bomb

UPDATE: In my initial posting of this story, I failed to properly credit the 39th President for his contribution to World Peace for his leading role in the rise of the Islamic Republic of Iran. I correct that mistake now. reports that 5 Senior Commanders of Iran's Revolutionary Guard were killed in a suicide bomb attack in South-Eastern Iran. Although I deplore political violence, its hard for me to muster up any sympathy for the commanders themselves. The Guard - or Pasdaran as they are colloquially known - are in reality merciless thugs committed to crushing any genuine reform in Iran and they exist principally to prop up the now widely despised corruptocracy of hypocritical "Clerics;" thanks Jimmy Carter, we owe it all to you.

5 Revolutionary Guard Commanders Killed in Iran Bomb

A homicide bomber killed five senior commanders of Iran's elite Revolutionary Guard and at least 26 others in an area of southeastern Iran that has been the focus of a growing Sunni insurgency.

The official IRNA news agency said the dead included the deputy commander of the Guard's ground force, Gen. Noor Ali Shooshtari, as well as a chief provincial Guard commander for the area, Rajab Ali Mohammadzadeh. The other dead were Guard members or local tribal leaders. More than two dozen others were wounded, state radio reported.

The headquarters of Iran's armed forces blamed the bombing on "terrorists" backed by "the Great Satan America and its ally Britain," Fars News Agency was quoted by Reuters.

"Not in the distant future we will take revenge," Iran's statement read, according to Reuters. Iran's forces claim the country "will clear this region from terrorists and criminals."

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Still, something is off about the story, just as it was with this other one from 2006 when 12 Senior Pasdaran commanders died in Northwest Iran in an aircraft "accident".

To be sure, the Guard immediately pointed their fingers at the United States and GB, (Iran's favorite two bogeymen after Israel). Dunno... I just get a feeling that this one is a new escalation in an ongoing internal power struggle between the Ahmadi-Nejad and Rafsanjani camps.

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