Sunday, October 11, 2009

And Now For Something Completely Different .....

Man cannot live by berating Statist scum alone. Today I had the pleasure of "catching" this Heron at the end of a field adjacent to my property. These birds are rare in my parts, so I'm sure you can imagine how very privileged I felt to have one stop by for a visit. Its simple events like this that make life in the "Boonies" all worthwhile. Can't get this in NYC!!!!


  1. Saw your comment on my post (thank you), and decided to come pay a visit. You have some very interesting and insightful stuff that you post, and since I am always looking for things to educate me, or make me thing regarding politcs and the state of our country and it's constitution, I'll be hanging around for awhile.... don't mind me, I'll mind my manners : )

  2. Is that a "Blue Heron"? Are they all Blue? I live in the Miami Valley of Ohio and we have a good amount of Blue Heron. Beautiful birds when taking a hike. They hang, nest and mate near the water. Don't know where they go in the Winter. I should probably wiki that and I probably will now. Huge nesting grounds on the Little Miami River which is a joy to canoe if you are ever in the region. Highly recommended.