Monday, September 17, 2012

So Rosa DeLauro, are you afraid of black males?

Seems Rosa DeLauro, the current Demflack representing Connecticut's 3rd Congressional District, is ducking debates with Wayne Winsley, a conservative libertarian republican. Help Wayne make DeLauro debate him. She's running scared for a reason. She's vulnerable as all hell.

Watch these videos to learn more:

Then go help Wayne Winsley raise money to send Rosa back to the Georgetown Cocktail Party Circuit as a private citizen.


Looks like this post may have caught Rosa's attention:

NOTE TO ROSA:  Agree to 3 Debates with Wayne, and I'll formally retract this post to the extent that it implies you are frightened of black males.

Hat Tip: Eric Dondero, Libertarian Republican


  1. As a NYer, I don't know either of the candidates so I have no opinion on who should win but wow, you sure do get street cred for getting Rosa to notice and be on guard. Keep us posted, please.

    1. EOS: She's been in Congress since 1990. She's rich, which as you know I don't have any problem with per-se, but find quite objectionable when 1%er politicians like her pretend that they are something they are not. Wayne Winsley has far more in common with the people in her district than she does.

      Here's a profile on her from 2010 over at (one of my favorite info sites).

  2. So, LA...inquiring minds would like to know what the referring page was that got Ms. DeLauro (or one of her lackeys) over here.

    1. Can't tell from my end, but can you smell their panic driven e-adrenalin dump over the internet?

      What time did they show up there?

  3. Great post. Great site!

    We're proud to link to LA at Libertarian Republican.