Thursday, April 11, 2013

Libertarian Advocate Blow Job Award #4: Goes to Andrew "Benito" Cuomo for his complete FOOK-UP in pushing through N.Y. SAFE ACT.

The embarrassing fiasco you will read about below was bound to happen given the Rahm it Through E-Certified legislation Cuomo demanded be passed through the N.Y. State Legislature all inside of 72 hours of deliberation. What could possibly go wrong with that? Well, it's a massive embarrassment for the self-proclaimed "Progressive" Governor who has already had to back pedal the law once it was determined that it would also bar N.Y. State police from carrying more than 7 rounds in their duty magazines. 

And now for the entirely predictable total clusterfuck of incompetence in detail:

Buffalo, NY (WBEN / release) - Erie County Clerk Chris Jacobs says State Police now admit they fingered the wrong person, when they recommended a pistol permit suspension.
State Police had indicated a local gun permit holder used anti-anxiety medication, a situation that triggers an alert in the NY SAFE Act. The local gun owner was asked to turn in their guns at their local police department.
But now, Jacobs says troopers say they passed along bad information, and they had fingered the wrong person.
Jacobs says this error points out the flaws in the state's new gun control legislation.

Here is the release from his office:
Erie County, NY – Erie County Clerk Chris Jacobs said that late today he received a call from the New York State Police informing him that they had provided information on the wrong person when they notified his office of someone whose permit should be suspended because of the new mental health provisions in New York’s SAFE Act.
"Previously we received correspondence from the State Police that a pistol permit holder in our County had a mental health condition that made them a potential harm to themselves or others, a provision in the NY SAFE Act that requires suspension of their pistol permit license," said Jacobs.
At that time as required by law, Jacobs’ referred the item and all supporting documentation to the State Supreme Court Judge in charge of issuing pistol permits. Acting on the information provided by the State Police, the judge issued a suspension of the permit pending a hearing.
"When the State Police called to tell us they made a mistake and had the wrong became clear that the State did not do their job here, and now we all look foolish."
Jacobs’ believes the central reason for this error is the inherent flaws in the mental health reporting provisions in the NY SAFE Act. "Until the mental health provisions are fixed, these mistakes will continue to happen," says Jacobs.

Hey Danny Boy,  not to worry; your Very Own Libertarian Advocate Blow Job Award is sure to come very soon now.

Track-a-Crat: Jeri Wright, Jeremiah Wright's daughter, under indictment for money laundering and other felonies

When I first began this blog back in 2009, there was an exceptionally talented  (meaning a whole lot better than me) anonymous blogger who ran a great site titled Track-a-Crat. Most of his followers simply called the blogger himself Track for convenience. Track would punch up hilarious posts about the varied and numerous misdeeds and felonies of ne'er-do-well U.S. Demoncrats. Sadly Track quit a few years back upon returning to his native U.K. and his site is now in the hands of asian site squatters. In honor of Track, periodically I'll post up some of the fare he used to feature on his then legendary site. Oh, Track, should you decide to reclaim your throne, I'll happily return it to you.

Daughter of former Obama pastor Jeremiah Wright indicted

The daughter of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright — the controversial former pastor to President Barack Obama — was indicted today in an expanding federal probe of a state grant tied to a former suburban police chief.

Jeri Wright of Hazel Crest is accused of helping former Country Club Hills Police Chief Regina Evans convert fake paychecks from Evans’ nonprofit to Evans’ personal use, allegedly hiding money that was supposed to be used to train minority and female workers in the building trades.

Federal prosecutors in the Illinois’ central district say Jeri Wright received about $28,000 in grant-tied paychecks in 2009, but $20,000 of that was deposited back into accounts controlled by Evans. Prosecutors also say Wright then lied to officers and a grand jury.

The charges emerge about a year after Evans was charged with fraud in relation to a $1.25 million job training grant awarded to her nonprofit, We Are Our Brothers Keeper.

Evans and her husband are accused of siphoning money from the grant to pay friends and relatives and cover the mortgage on their landmark New Regal Theater on Chicago’s South Side — a venue they said they were trying to restore to its former glory as a cultural hub for the struggling area.
Evans, also a former Chicago police lieutenant, resigned as Country Club Hills police chief in 2011. Evans, through an attorney, has said she didn’t do anything wrong.

Jeri Wright, 47, faces two counts of money laundering, two counts of making false statements to officers and seven counts of giving false grand jury testimony. She couldn’t immediately be reached for comment.

An attorney for Evans confirmed Jeri Wright is the daughter of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the pastor emeritus of the south side Trinity United Church of Christ, which Obama attended. Source URL

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Stupid "Liberal" Apologist Tricks #2

What follows is one of the funniest stories I've seen a good while:

The City Council of New Rochelle, NY has ordered the Revolutionary War's Gadsden Flag to be removed from its flagpole and confiscated from a patriotic veteran's group, as reported by the Sacramento Bee on April 8, 2013.
The conservative-leaning Thomas More Law Center has been retained by New Rochelle resident and former U.S. Marine Peter Parente, who is also the president of the United Veterans Memorial & Patriotic Association of New Rochelle, New York (UVMPA-NR).
As reported, Parente unfurled both the current American Flag above the Gadsden Flag, popularly known as the "Don't Tread on Me" flag, at the city's historic New Rochelle Armory.
New Rochelle chartered the UVMPA to formally conduct various services to honor veterans and also to provide care of memorials and monuments throughout the New York City suburb.
Within a week of the flag raising ceremony, City Manager Chuck Strome ordered Parente to take down the Gadsden Flag due to "unidentified complainants" stating the Revolutionary War flag was actually a "Tea Party symbol." [Ed. Note: OMG, the Tea Party Bogeymen are here to steal or sons and daughters, Egad]
After the former Leatherneck explained to Strome the historical significance of the Gadsden Flag used as the battle colors of both the Continental Marines and Continental Navy, Strome had a change of heart and allowed the bright yellow flag to remain flying below the Stars and Stripes.
Despite the Gadsden Flag officially being a historic American flag, Parente was informed less than 3 hours after his conversation with the City Manager "that a majority of the City Council had voted to remove the Flag."
Later that same day, the Gadsden Flag was removed and confiscated by the Public Works Department.   Source:
Here's some FREE legal advice for the City of New Rochelle, NY: Apologize profusely and give them back the flag. You abridged their Federal First Amendment rights. This is a NO BRAINER that even Democrats, challenged as you obviously are, should be able to grasp quickly.

Monday, April 8, 2013

MUST SEE POWERFUL PRO 2A TESTIMONY of Cuban Refugeee in Salem Oregon.

With Hat tip to Jim22 at TheRealRevo, below is the astonishingly powerful testimony of Cuban refugee Manuel Martinez who escaped from the Progressive Utopian Workers' Paradise of Cuba schooling the legislative panel of progressives on the very real perils of gun confiscation.

This is MUST watch stuff:

A Putinesque Pick-Up Line?