Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Jim Carrey and Career Self-Immolation

I'm late to this story, mostly because to me it seemed like Carrey whose "15 of fame" has long since passed was trying to capitalize on the Kardashian Rule that holds that there is no such thing as bad publicity.

Anyway, seems Mr. Carrey made a nasty video ridiculing Charleton Heston and demonizing legal gun owners all in an effort to create enough controversy that he hoped would translate into boosted ticket sales for some new movie he's in.

His efforts may well have had the opposite effect by pissing off former fans who are also gun owners or just 2A supporters.

In fact Carrey pissed off one former fan so much that the guy has  "Ebayed"
an autographed photograph of Carrey in order to raise money to purchase a Glock G30S .45 ACP Pistol.  As of last count 102 Bidders with a current top bid of $830. Well beyond the price of the Glock he wants to buy.

I'm betting Mr. Carrey has suffered an instant 40% Kick in the Ass in prospective ticket sales to his as yet unreleased schlock flick Kick Ass 2. No doubt his co-stars and Producers will soon be communicating their thoughts on the matter privately.


Here are just some of the comments that follow the Ebay listing:

Q:  Finally a response back to these libtards that uses their own popularity (or lack there of) against them. I hope Mr. Carrey in no way thinks that he would be getting any attention based on his failing comedic career if were not for this jab at our second amendment rights. Actors and the like should stay out of politics. Like my father said " It's better to be thought an idiot, then to speak and remove all doubt" FU Jim Carrey, you are an IDIOT. I was a fan, now I'm not. I be waiting (and not to long) to see you fade from this and back into your well deserved obscurity once again! Mar-27-13
A:  Well said.
Q:  We in Arizona salute you. Good Luck!! Mar-27-13
A:  Thank you Arizona! :)
Q:  Saw this story on DrudgeReport, and I had to check it out. BRAVO, sir, BRAVO! I, like yourself, was a huge Carrey fan up until a couple of days ago, and now I couldn't care less about this idiot. The best of luck on your quest, and I would be proud to donate to your cause. Just one caveat, you need to make sure that pro 2nd amendment news outlets get updates on your story. Deal? Mar-27-13
A:  Thank you. I'm looking into ways to keep everyone updated after the auction.
Q:  I hope the buyer doesn't use it as a target. We're fighting every day to keep our rights. Why give the enemy ammunition? Burn it or urinate on it or anything but don't shoot it. Please. Mar-27-13
A:  I'll pass your suggestion on. Thanks.
Q:  No questions, and I wouldn't want that piece of filth in my mailbox, so thanks for adding the donation link. If you need help choosing and locating a firearm and ammo, there are a lot of great pro-Second Amendment groups on Facebook willing to help. Mar-27-13
A:  I'll be researching various firearms and ammo over the next few weeks. Thank you for the donation.
Q:  I would Just like to encourage the winning bidder in this noble cause to bring the prize to the range for propper disposal. With Video of course. Mar-27-13
A:  I'll pass your suggestion on. Thanks.
Q:  Right on! I agree 110% Love what your doing! Will send a Donation brother in arms!! Not Likin this Goofball much anymore, Washed up actors like him always jump on issues to grab fame! He needs to go back to Canada. Hope more people will start doing stuff like this!! Mar-26-13
A:  Thanks! :)
Q:  Thanks for adding the Donate link... I've sent you a few bucks via PayPal. I hope you get enough to get the gun, training and a carry permit. As far Jim Carrey, he is an ingrate that bites the hand that feeds him, insulting not only of gun owners, but Southerners as well. Let's show him and not support his movies (he ain't funny anyways)... time for him to pack his bags... well, I am sure Canada doesn't want him back. Mar-26-13
A:  Thank you very much. I agree, Jim Carrey lost a lot of his fans with his disrespect of responsible gun owners and Charlton Heston. There was nothing funny about the music video he released.
Q:  I happily donated. I hope Ebay leaves your auction up. Good job taking responsibility for protecting your family and everyone's 2nd Amendment rights. Mar-26-13
A:  Thank you! I appreciate it very much.
Q:  Can I just send you a few bucks and you keep the picture, saving me the discomfort of looking at the clueless little troll? Please? Mar-26-13
A:  Sure thing! Thanks!
Q:  I will donate to the cause. Love the message you are sending. If you ever make it to the Las Vegas area hit me up for some training. Mar-26-13
A:  Will do. Thanks!
Q:  Are you set up for donations in order to get the funds needed? Even $1-5 per supporter can go a long way. I Jim Carrey picture, he can be funny, but not so much any more. Mar-26-13
A:  I just added a PayPal donation link below the "desciption". Thanks for the support!
Q:  very nice. Hopefully Mr. Canuck hears about this auction and realizes nobody cares about any actor's opinions(especially foriegn nationals) when it comes to our constitutional rights. Boycott Socialist Hollywood!!!!! Mar-26-13
A:  lol Yes!
Q:  I'm like others, just showing support after seeing this on FB. I think this is awesome!! Good luck! Get a 40! Getting a gun won't be the problem...good luck finding ammo in whatever it is you DO purchase! God bless!! Mar-26-13
A:  Thank you! God Bless!
Q:  I commend your ingenuity & sense to protect your family!! I would also like to recommend the Springfield XD 9 or 45. They are reasonably priced $550ish and as a woman I have no problem handling it, I can actually out shoot my hubby with it =). I absolutely love it. The slide is a bit stiff at the beginning but breaks in just fine. Good luck! Mar-26-13
A:  lol Nice! Thanks for the recommendation.
Q:  More people should stand up to those left wing idiots in the movie industry. Good for you, I hope you get lots of bids Mar-26-13
A:  Thanks!
Q:  My hero!! Amen Mar-26-13
A:  Thanks! :)
Q:  this brings a tear to my eye, when i laugh so hard. love it man. Mar-26-13
A:  :)
Q:  Have you considered a Springfield XDm 45? I picked mine up new for $550 shoots great also the wife has no problem handling it. Awesome idea I hope you get enough. Mar-26-13
A:  I'll look into it. Thanks!
Q:  If you don't mind I would like to purchase this and put it in a bag with dog crap and light it on fire on Jim's front porch, ring the bell and run Mar-26-13
A:  lol

Monday, March 25, 2013

Village People Redux? Mikey Bloomberg's Post-Mayoral Career?


Hey! Hey! Hey, hey, hey!
Macho, macho man (macho man)
I've got to be, a macho man
Macho, macho man
I've got to be a macho! Ow....

Macho, macho man
I've got to be, a macho man
Macho, macho man (yeah, yeah)
I've got to be a macho!