Monday, September 3, 2012

News For The Obamaphate: John Cusack: 'Is Obama Just Another Ivy League Asshole?

Ouch, sounds like yet another love affair is over as John Cusack ponders whether Obama [is] Just Another Ivy League Asshole.

Note to John Cusack: Short answer: Yes; Long Answer: Yes.

Reading Cusack's comments I see that there's at least one Hollyweirder who actually can think for himself - and to my happy shock - quite incisively as well. 

My prayer is that whatever he caught, it is virulently contagious.


  1. Cusack did a lengthy interview with Jonathan Turley today about the Constitution and Obama. A good read.

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    1. LL: I'm guessing you mean Hillary Rodham. Since she's already said she's bailing on a slot in a second possible Obama term, I'll just say this: If I later learn that she (and Bill) privately voted for Romney/Ryan, I would not be even remotely shocked.

  3. Interesting article today on the blog White House Dossier about the Libertarian candidate Johnson. Since your blog is named thusly, is it logical to conclude that Johnson would be your candidate and therefore, according to the attached poll, give Obama the victory? Inquiring minds want to know.

  4. EOS: I actually answered your question a few days ago at our mutual friend's blog, FWIW. Click here to see my thoughts:

  5. Sorry: Forgot to create the hyperlink. Lets try that again: Click HERE

  6. My bad. I did not see that post, or your response. Thanks for the link.