Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Going Viral: French Baccalaureate Exam Questions Hacked

As French High School Grads prepare for the legendary Baccalaureate exam, rumor has it that the questions have been hacked and released by Anonymous

Here's the math exam question:

Courtesy translation:

Knowing that Dominique Strauss-Kahn will pay 3 million euros for a blow-job that lasted fewer than ten minutes, how much will Hollande pay for buggering 65 million French over five years?

You have 4 hours to answer the question...


  1. Who would really WANT a blow job from Tristane Banon? That should be the question. I understand that would make it a social studies question, not a math question.

    1. LL: I'm guessing that would be more in the realm of the Bac Philo.

  2. Funny. But these problems with students cheating on test after test is a real problem.

  3. I actually came close to rolling on the floor on that one...