Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ruger to Close Deal on 220K Square Foot Manufactury in... well, NOT Connecticut.

Click the image above to see the lucky state who's residents will
see job growth, not job flight.

Way way back on March 15th I posted a piece HERE on why Connecticut's Democrat Party - headed as it is by elitist white collar progressives who posture and promote themselves as being the best friends of union blue collar workers -  is anything but a friend of labor. Ruger's announcement yesterday and PTR-91's recent announcement of its impending move to South Carolina are proof that I was right:

For some time now, Connecticut's Democrat Party has been a two caste hierarchy with college and grad school educated liberal elitists providing the management of the party and filling out the party's candidates for higher statewide and Federal office while the balance of the Party's rank and file have consisted mostly of blue collar workers who are very often union members. But more recently, the hyper-educated "Progressive" and very wealthy elitists of Fairfield County have gained a much firmer grip over the Party in both operations, policy, agenda and decision making. In reality, these two groups could not possibly be more divergent in their respective economic interests, although the elitists have been successful - until now - in veiling over those clear clashes in interest.


  1. I'm sure that 'progressives' will be happy to see Sturm Ruger leave the state. Maybe they can be replaced by a company that pots plants or something that the Earth Mothers can get behind?

  2. You do realize that Ruger's manufacturing operations in Connecticut closed down years ago right? All they have left in the state are their corporate offices.

    1. Yes, Anonymous, I do indeed know that Ruger's presence here is purely corporate. My point is that if the state was industry - and ultimately worker - friendly, Ruger might have been coaxed to open a plant here again. Under the "progressives", there is exactly NO chance of that happening, so, a reasonable conclusion is that Fairfield County progressive snobs DON'T in fact like blue collar workers, notwithstanding their loudly touted claims to the contrary.