Friday, March 15, 2013

Connecticut's Democrat Party: A House Divided

Yesterday, March 14, 2013, Colt Arms, a legendary Connecticut firearm company that has manufactured firearms for over 175 years in this great state, bussed 400+ of its employees to Hartford to impress upon the state's Democrat majority legislature the faces of those people who are at most economic risk should the democrats pass into law the most draconian anti-gun bills now pending before the state's legislature. With one or two exceptions, the proposals would do exactly NOTHING to reduce the possibility of - never mind prevent -  another mentally ill person from murdering his own mother so he could seek to out do the insane murderer of Sandy Hook Elementary's staff and students.

Scanning the crowd of Colt workers in the video above, what is most immediately obvious is the racial, ethnic and sex diversity of Colt's work force. Most of Colt's jobs are blue-collar union manufacturing jobs.

For some time now, Connecticut's Democrat Party has been a two caste hierarchy with college and grad school educated liberal elitists providing the management of the party and filling out the party's candidates for higher statewide and Federal office while the balance of the Party's rank and file have consisted mostly of blue collar workers who are very often union members. But more recently, the hyper-educated "Progressive" and very wealthy elitists of Fairfield County have gained a much firmer grip over the Party in both operations, policy, agenda and decision making. In reality, these two groups could not possibly be more divergent in their respective economic interests, although the elitists have been successful - until now - in veiling over those clear clashes in interest.

In the immediate aftermath of the disaster at Sandy Hook, the opportunistic Fairfield based elitists pushed fast and furiously to ram through an extremely restrictive gun control package that would - if it is passed - effectively ban for sale in Connecticut the very firearms that Colt and several other Connecticut manufacturers make and have made for years in this state. In so doing, the Fairfield elitists have thrown the blue collar workers of this state under the bus.

Colt's owners and employee's have made it clear that they do not believe Governor Malloy's promises to exclude Connecticut's gun manufacturers from the effects of his dream "progressive" gun-control legislation will have any effect in protecting the company from the inherent negative effects of his gun control package, properly pointing to the economic damage already done to Remington's New York State operations in the wake of proudly "progressive" Benito Cuomo's evisceration of gun rights in that state due entirely to a growing nationwide boycott of New York State gun products. Who are the people most immediately hurt by Cuomo's laws? The blue-collar workers who will be losing their jobs.

God, isn't it wonderful to be a narcissistic progressive? You never have to live with the consequences of your own actions; that's for the little people to suffer.


  1. Connecticut doesn't need THOSE non-progressive jobs and they'll be happier in Texas or another "Free State" in the Union

  2. Well there's a progressivepig of an attitude.... white and non-union jobs don't matter. Even white LL thinks so...

  3. Anonymous: Please flesh out your thoughts. I'm pretty sure LL was being facetious.

    1. Cry me a river.

      Colt has been a major supplier to the police state... Have a look at their LE website. They'll sell Greenwich police a union-made Class 3 any day. Not you, buddy.

      Another thing... I don't give a sweet damn for the skin-deep "diversity" of a closed union shop. It's a closed shop and that means it sucks the lifeblood of it's members - you know, the very sheeple the union is supposed to "protect." But that's "Social Justice," right?

      On the other hand, Colt's situation is what we know as Poetic Justice.

    2. Yos: Odd, I'd thought the point of my post was obvious. In other words, it is not that "white" non union jobs are unimportant to Connecticut. Clearly they are to all BUT the proggies.

      My entire point was really to communicate what ought to be obvious: that even multi-racial union jobs are not important to the mostly lily white hyper-educated proggies who run the Democrat party apparat here in CT and nationally (look at Obama's cabinet). My view is that Blue collar private sector union workers are but pawns to the Progs or, as the Sov Progs called them, useful idiots.

  4. Yes. Wuzn't picking a fight with your take on CT's decay. Just venting frustration over an idiot-laden management team at Colt. The firm sells to the Borg, the firm sold-out to the unions and now they're all of them getting screwed by CT's proggy whores. Plenty of smell to go 'round.