Thursday, January 31, 2013

Note to Jeff Zucker: Congratulations on your new job.

Jeffrey Zucker:  Just a note to wish my sincere congratulations on your new gig at CNN. I see you're making some changes... Here's a heartfelt thought on your lineup's ratings problems.

As you likely already know, it appears that campy show-person RuPaul topped your network's "star" Piers Morgan by 20K viewers last Monday night. In case you don't want to buy out Pier's contract just now, you can at least more than double the show's audience by hiring RuPaul as Piers' co-host effective immediately. At the very least it would offer excellent comic relief.


  1. Bull. Morgan will not provide comic relief from RuPaul; he'll just drive away RuPaul's audience. 8 ]

    The thing is this: "Style" isn't CNN's problem; it's content. The Left and squishie center is saturated with "content" providers.

    I'll watch how Zucker's efforts yield results. Perhaps he'll grow the audience - but it won't come from new viewers, only those pathetics who previously abandoned CNN. To win a broad, robust, new audience, Zucker is going to have to offer substance. Jus' don' see it happ'nin'.

  2. Jus' don' see it happ'nin

    Hehehehe.... Me neither.