Friday, January 4, 2013

Comrade Pelosiva Corrects the Historical Record!

DEMOCRAT Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's office took a page straight out of Soviet Politburo history by doctoring an official photo of the Demoncrat House female caucus by photo-shopping in four House Reps who had arrived too late to be included in the official photo. No trouble of course, Pelosi was just correcting the historical record to reflect that the four dilettantes who were meant to be there and who had wished they were there, were in fact there, albeit in absentia. Pelosi's ideological kin of 1960s Moscow would have loved today's image editing technology.

A note of warning to the ladies of the caucus: You should be watchful going forward. Photoshop can also easily remove people from the historical record when the mood strikes the powers that be.

                                              Source: The Weekly Standard Blogs

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  1. Komrade, she corrects the hysterical record, da? This is good thing. Have nice day.