Monday, October 25, 2010

RULE 4 Post: Look Who Visits Libertarian Advocate

Click the image to see the stat

I had thought this humble blog would trudge along in nearly complete obscurity forever, but NO! Someone's taken notice.

Thanks for the visit Cathy Zoi. You've provided me with the perfect opportunity to engage in some Rule 1 Shameless Blogwhoring and Rule 2 Full Metal Jacket Reach-Around


  1. Wow... Someone over there survived public school and can read? Considering the stream of incoherent garbage splattering off the teleprompters, one wouldn't have though it possible.

  2. Oh I have had Washington DC visiting my blog too.. I also take screen shots like yours (LOL) ... they are watching us and reading what we say.
    Shall we all give them the "cyber finger"?