Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dan Malloy: Pay to Play Politics Raises Serious Ethics Questions

I just came across this eye-opening video by Maureen Boylan on Dan Malloy's 14 year tenure as Mayor of Stamford. I had been pretty ambivalent over the Governor race here in Connecticut but now I'll be voting for Tom Foley.

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  1. Maureen Boylan is an amazing woman. A self-described 'citizen advisor' the amount of care she has taken to present an accurate picture of CT Gubernatorial Candidate Dannel Malloy is dead on. I know Dan going back many years and love him and his family to pieces...BUT I JUST CAN'T VOTE FOR HIM! Instead, I'm supporting TOM FOLEY for Governor, because I know TOM and MARK BOUGHTON will get CT out of the financial, etc. 'tank'. Blessings--Rev. Barb (ndependent voter & new to politics, btw)