Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Great news out of Connecticut's 4th Congressional District.

From Dan Debicella's campaign comes the announcement that he now leads Obamaphate sycophant and Pelosi pet Jimmie Himes...

New poll: Debicella in the lead!

Dear Friends,
We just released the results of a new poll – and we’re in the lead!

Just days after announcing we out raised Congressman Jim Himes by over $200,000 and Real Clear Politics upgraded the CT-4 race to “toss-up,” our latest survey shows we’ve catapulted over incumbent Jim Himes, and now lead 46 to 42 percent!
With less than two weeks to go until Election Day, there’s no doubt we have the momentum. Will you make a contribution of $50, $250 or $2400 today to help us keep the heat on through Election Day?

Friends, nearly 40 percent of Fairfield County voters disapprove of Jim Himes’ job performance, while less than 45 percent would vote to re-elect him – these are troubling numbers for a sitting Congressman, but not surprising given Himes’ support for the failed Washington agenda he’s rubber-stamped. As more people get to know me, my favorability numbers have spiked, rising from 31 percent in September to 51 percent in today’s poll. Now, we need your financial support through November 2nd to make sure we pull off an upset victory in just 13 days. Can I count on you?

Thank you again for your firm commitment to our campaign.

All my best,

Dan still needs your help, in any amount you can give: $10, $20, $50. Its the totals that make the difference. Give what you can, if you can.

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  1. That is encouraging news. Hopefully, the "good guy" wins!