Thursday, October 28, 2010

Michelle Malkin to Joy Behar: "That’ll be Senator Bitch to you, Joy."

Great post up at Michelle Malkin's site....

Behar: So what? I call all my close friends “bitches”

Years ago, when stuck in traffic, I used to hear talent-less Joy Behar spew on WABC radio. As I remember it, she was on for a year. I believe the suits at WABC let her contract lapse without renewal. I'm guessing Barbara Walters will be increasingly inclined to do the same.


  1. She was totally destroyed by Angle. The woman is a disgrace, and if she had an ounce of class, she'd quit.

  2. @Ran: God willing, come January, the stupid shrew is gonna have some crow to eat.

    @Matt: Well, I guess she'll never quit then.