Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Nevada Senate Race: Sue Lowden Ten Points over Harry Reid

With Hat-Tip to Eric Dondero at Libertarian Republican, Rasmussen Reports has released a poll showing that Nevada Republican Chair Sue Lowden is 10 Points up over that ugly curmudgeon and anti-constituent twit Harry Reid.

What with 13% un-employment hammering Las Vegas, it's not a big surprise that Harry is eyeball deep in the voter's disdain - even with all the SEIU members making up much of the labor pool of Las Vegas' ALL entertainment and service based economy.

WOE IS YOU HARRY! Start looking for a new job! No doubt you'll find a new career in lobbying. But then again, maybe not; don't lobbyists tend to be much younger and more energetic guys than you? Too bad you might just have to live on that full pension you and your colleagues gave yourselves at OUR expense. Ohhh... mustn't forget all those lucrative "opportunities" that came your way over the years either.

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  1. Talk about great news, I will be grinning ear to ear upon Dingy's ousting.....