Saturday, September 19, 2009

Rich Socialist Michael Moore Calls for Overthrow of Capitalism

Associated Press reports that the gargantuan waste of human tissue known as Michael Moore has called for the overthrow of capitalism at a pre-release screening of his deranged agitprop celluloid screed "Capitalism: A Love Story"

BELLAIRE, Mich. - Filmmaker Michael Moore gave residents of his adopted Michigan community an early showing of his new documentary on Saturday and urged them to help overthrow an economic system he said was beyond redemption.
First off, Moore does not make documentaries. Documentaries assume a ruthlessly unbiased documentation of events or lives or phenomena. Moore makes movies consisting of a cleverly edited mosaic of often funny vignettes guided entirely by Alinsky's Rules.

For the whole nauseating story, go here. Hopefully the link will survive a few days.

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