Sunday, September 27, 2009

Holder Busts Polanski:

Child molester and Oscar winning director Roman Polanski was arrested in Zurich, Switzerland on September 26 on a U.S. warrant seeking his extradition to the United States for his 1978 Flight from justice. Polanski fled the U.S. before sentencing on a reduced charge of unlawful intercourse with a minor, down from a statutory rape charge, for having sex with a 13 year old girl in 1977 at Jack Nicholson's house where Polanski was staying.

Polanski had plead guilty to the reduced charge that sent him to jail for 42 days observation, however he fled California and the United States when he learned that the judge who had initially approved his plea deal, was attempting to renege on it and send the Director to the can for an extended sentence.

Polanski is a darling of the Hollyweird elite. In the eyes of the glitterati, he can do no wrong, from their perspective even un-consenting sex with a child (a legal redundancy) is heavily outweighed by his brilliant artistry as a director. Why should mundane laws like statutory rape apply to him, he's an artist and therefore he's ENTITLED to an exemption from kid-rape rules. So then what the F**K is Eric Holder thinking????

Eric, you dumb-ass, you really know how to step in it dont'chya? You just succeeded in pissing off pretty much ALL of your Boz's Hollywood constituency. JUST BLOODY BRILLIANT MATE!!!

Bring Roman back for sentencing or maybe to get off the rap too, since it seems Polanski may very well have a strong case to void his earlier plea deal on the grounds of both judicial and prosecutorial misconduct in the original case. Time will tell.

In the meantime, Hollywood is PISSED OFF, the French are PISSED OFF, and you and yer Boz keep looking like bumbling nincompoops as we come nose to nose with Ahmedi-Nejad and his impending nuke arsenal.

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  1. God help us. This has it all. A child rapist. Hollyweird. An AG that is a race baiting nincompoop. BO and nukes. What more could someone ask for?