Sunday, January 13, 2013

Some American Jews do understand the purpose of the Second Amendment...

As a Gentile, I have long been entirely mystified by the propensity of so many American Jews to be anti-gun ownership, especially in light of the Nazi perpetrated mass murder and ethnic cleansing known as the Holocaust. It seems as if they have, in the space of 60 years - a lifetime really -, completely forgotten their own terrible history.

What follows below is a critically important message from Rabbi Dovid Bendory who heads up Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, I urge you to watch the video all the way through:


  1. The landmark film where only the police and military had firearms was called Schindler's List. There are a lot of American Jews who distance themselves from their history.

    As the Rabbi said, "The right to honorable self defense" should stand as a cornerstone principle for Jews to rally around. "Get in their face and protest for firearms freedom."

  2. Thank-you L.A.!
    Blessings!... and Shalom.

    LL's point is frightening: Schindler smuggled not a few arms and ammunition, too, to Jews. Somehow Spielberg forgot that part.