Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pat Dollard's "Doc Holiday" Can't Handle a Contrary Opinion - PUSSY!

UPDATE:  DOC HOLIDAY IS A LAME PUSSY. When I went back to Pat's site to see if my comment was restored, I found the following:


Doc's inability to engage commenters and his apparent propensity to delete all comments that don't parrot his ideology or kowtow to his over-inflated sense of self brings to mind the infantile snitfits of Charles Johnson and his formerly famous Little Green Footballs blog.

Pat's site has been on my blogroll nearly from its launch, and frankly I'd expected more from him, like reasoned debate, rather than the squelching of it.  Too bad ... today it comes off.


Doc Holiday, posted a piece on Pat Dollard's site titled "Julian Assange Praises Domestic Enemy Ron Paul For His Support Of Wikileaks’s Anti-American Activities" Here's the Link.

I wrote a comment to that piece questioning Doc's characterization of Paul and asking if he was really serious. I added that Scott Rasmussen had very recently stated in a radio interview that Mainstream Republicans who dismiss and ridicule Paul and his supporters do so at their peril. [Not my words, Rasmussen's  - L.A.]. I then asked if Doc wanted another 4 years of Barack Obama as that is likely what he'd get.

My comment stood for somewhere around an hour before someone, presumably "Doc," deleted it.
Pat, if you want your blog to retain its credibility going forward, you might want to cut "Doc" loose; he's not a credit to your enterprise if he deletes comments that politely question his position.

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