Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bad News for Mayor Mike: Record low 26% of Americans favor handgun ban

A just released Gallup poll reveals that as New York City's whiny voiced and increasingly obnoxious mayor goes, the American people do not...

PRINCETON, NJ -- A record-low 26% of Americans favor a legal ban on the possession of handguns in the United States other than by police and other authorized people. When Gallup first asked Americans this question in 1959, 60% favored banning handguns. But since 1975, the majority of Americans have opposed such a measure, with opposition around 70% in recent years.
More to the point however is that there is mounting evidence that New York's strict no carry law is having its entirely predictable result. From 2009 - 2010, New York City's murder rate rose 15% while the the nation's murder rate declined by 6%. So far 2011 looks like its gonna be yet another banner year for the bad guys in New York City. "[T]hus far in 2011, the number of shooting victims in the city is slightly higher than during the same period last year. And during a weeklong period earlier this month, the number of people shot there rose 154 percent over the 2010 tally." NRA-ILA

But of course those terrible numbers couldn't possibly be attributable to Mayor Mike; rather all fault will lie with you evil knuckle dragging gun owners out there who are simply too stupid to grasp the indisputable truth of the deity instilled brilliance of Lord Bloomberg. After all, he was right about the Times Square would be bomber's ethnicity and motivations before he was wrong about them. OK, Snark off.

IMHO Mike Bloomberg has developed into a full blown narcissist during his years as mayor. Purportedly, one of the biggest problems shrinks have in treating narcissists is that the disorder appears to completely block the patient's ability to see possibilities outside of his/her own very narrow view of reality. That trait apparently makes successful treatment of the disorder nearly impossible.


  1. Actually... From what I recall of Bloomie's first campaign, several former employees thought him a "self-important pr!ck" with the typical statist's delusions of wisdom and intelligence. Nothing Bloomie has done since he took the reigns from Rudy has changed that analysis.

    He is a sharp, insightful businessman. Better he returns to the world where his vision and wants are demised by his customer's abilities to pay. Screw giving this turkey political power... he has precious little moral self-restraint.

  2. Isn't that the bonehead that banned soup and french fries while making cigs $15/pack?

    lol- Bloomie is a real piece of work

  3. One beer ago (wink): It is axiomatic that narcissists are without moral self-restraint. A diagnostic indicator of the disorder is a "lack of empathy for others," which manifests itself in the narcissist believing that others exist solely for the benefit of the narcissist.

  4. ...and an emptied flagon laterNovember 1, 2011 at 5:35 PM

    I didn't know that. Heh.

    Now that I think of it, it explains a lot, like that nasty piece o' Greenwich work.