Thursday, December 5, 2013

Ohhhh... This Should Work Really Well.... For Texas!

 The self-deluding thought processes of the American hard left - (a/k/a proggies) - are astonishing to behold.

‘We Are in a Progressive Moment Right Now’: Bill de Blasio Fund-Raises for Emboldened Left

The fund-raiser drew hundreds of attendees, including many of the city’s political elite, allowing for the awkward collision of the Democratic powers-that-be and the strident, anti-establishment rhetoric of some of the event’s speech-makers. Chris Shelton, a vice president with the Communication Workers of America, urged the attendees noshing on brie cheese to join a “revolution” against the “bankers, billionaire and brokers of Wall Street.”
Vote for me man, I'm a Progressive and a stoner too.*
“We are in a progressive moment right now,” declared East Harlem Councilwoman Melissa Mark-Viverito, an early endorser of Mr. de Blasio and a leading candidate for council speaker. “This honoree [Mr. de Blasio] represents the culmination of Jon’s tireless, brilliant and visionary work to build our city’s progressive infrastructure and to build coalitions across groups that made our movement stronger … It was this infrastructure that was built that just about a month ago enabled our city to elect its first progressive Democratic mayor in 20 years, our Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio.”

Am I the only one who thinks these nitwits will wind up being deeply disappointed with Bill DeBlasio's mayoralty ... sooner rather than later? Read all of it here.

* Not a real quote.


  1. The liberals are all cause-specific. Some want to save the whales, others want an end to industrialization, or they want the right to kill their unborn children, etc. But the "Big Tent" is a farce. Obama is far more popular with Wall Street than Bush was. The Federal Reserve prints (increasingly worthless) currency with reckless abandon to prop up the same people that liberals want to see destroyed.

  2. Buzz is that DiBlasio has already been taken into the oak-paneled rooms for schooling on how things REALLY work in NYC and the rest of the world. So his mayoralty will be his to bugger up if he so chooses.

  3. Heh! "Not a real quote" - b-b-b-but the underlying narrative is correct! (cough)
    Yeah, I think this DeBlazio gig is going to look a lot like Dinkins redux.

    But I disagree concerning Texas: If NYC's white flight goes South, there goes that neighborhood too. Lefties shit on everything they encounter.