Monday, October 21, 2013

Please, remind me why - 12 years on - we're still involved in this nightmare hellhole of a country?

Afghanistan has the well deserved reputation of being a Graveyard of Empires.

It brought down the Macedonian Empire, the British Empire and the Soviet Empire. Now we're letting it kill us. Why? Let's just leave the Afghanis to do what they love to do most when they're not shooting at an invader: killing each other. The guy we originally went there to kill is supposedly dead, we've tried to stabilize it for 12 years, and as it's long history clearly demonstrates, it will not be stabilized because it's people don't want us there. Time to go.

Afghan special forces commander defects with guns to insurgents

An Afghan army special forces commander has defected to an insurgent group allied with the Taliban in a Humvee truck packed with his team's guns and high-tech equipment, officials in the eastern Kunar province said on Sunday.
Monsif Khan, who raided the supplies of his 20-man team in Kunar's capital Asadabad over the Eid al-Adha religious holiday, is the first special forces commander to switch sides, joining the Hezb-e-Islami organisation.
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  1. We're there because we couldn't attack Saudi Arabia (our "ally) and the American people wanted somebody to be attacked after 9/11. That's just about the only reason.

    1. That explains (but only in part of course) why we attacked, but not why we are still there now.

    2. We're pulling out. But, a military in action requires vehicles, spare parts, uniforms, food, etc. Good for business. War is a racket.

  2. AHEM!

    It's Bush's Fault.


    On the other hand, there would have been reason for a temporary visitation to the Land of Exploding Buddhas as part of an active, and openly stated pincer movement against the Holy Shi'ite! regime. We ought to have actively supported the Green Movement... but that would have meant first deposing a Progie regime rather further to the West. (Much further West.)