Monday, October 14, 2013

News for the Obamaphate: France May Be Shifting Hard to the Right

In what is apparently a stunning surprise to France's two major statist parties - Parti Socialiste of now failed president Francois Hollande and the UMP which is the "right of center" party of former president Nicholas Sarkozy - native French are turning away from the former and re-aligning with the so called "ultra right" Front National (FN) of Marine LePen. France's long hobbled economy and anger about ever rising crime appear to be the major factors in the shift toward the FN.

Mainstream baffled as French turn to far right

And more here at the Financial Times: French far-right victory stirs fear among mainstream parties


  1. I'm not holding my breath, but it does indicate that French people aren't necessarily as stupid as many thought that they were.

  2. When no mainstream party addresses the interests and concerns of the regular people, and in fact even criminalizes talking about it, then the people will turn to a party who will. Tea, anyone?