Thursday, October 3, 2013

News From The Obamaphate: Can You Smell the Fear????

From Don Pesci's excellent blog Connecticut Commentary: Red Notes from a Blue State

Connecticut’s Charitable Millionaire Politicians

The three Connecticut Democratic millionaires in the state’s all Democratic U.S. Congressional Delegation have decided to forgo their salaries for the duration of the shutdown.
Millionaires Senator Dick Blumenthal and U.S. House members Rosa DeLauro and Jim Himes, will be devoting their salaries to charity, according to a report in the left of center CTMirror.
The three Democratic millionaires – Mr. Blumenthal is the 4th richest senator in congress – probably would have done belter to tie their charity giving to the national debt, which is not likely to dissipate any times soon.

Nor did the publication make mention of the usual charitable donations of the millionaires or attempt a comparison with Republicans who once held their seats, all of which just might lead savvy political watchers to conclude that the donations of their salaries to charities is –gasp! – a political stunt on the part of big spending millionaires to advertise their adamantine bonds with Connecticut proletarians.

Does anyone think that just maybe these three jerks might be getting very nervous that all their Party's efforts to demonize and vilify Republicans isn't going quite as scheduled and they now need some cover???


  1. I don't know what the fall-out will be, but wouldn't it be terrible if the public actually ENJOYED the fact that government shut down?

  2. wouldn't it be terrible if the public actually ENJOYED the fact that government shut down?

    Not really for those of us in the real world, but for Barry, Harry, Schmuckles, Nancy, and the rest of the cabal, it would be catastrophic.