Tuesday, June 29, 2010

If Auntie Zeituni qualifies for Asylum, so too does Mosab Hassan Yousef

Back on May 17th, I threw up a post about the oh so surprising news that Barack Obama's aunt Zeituni Oyango had been granted political asylum here in the United States.

Although the proceedings in such cases are not disclosed, speculation was that the immigration court may have granted her Asylum petition on medical and unspecified fears of politically motivated retribution in some future Kenyan election cycle.

If Zeituni even just barely cleared the political asylum hurdle (which is typically set quite high) then Mosab Hassan Yousef certainly sails over that barrier with several feet to spare. Yet, Department of Homeland Security has already denied Mosab Yousef asylum on the grounds that he provided material support to a Terrorist Organization (Hamas) even though DHS knows that (a) Yousef was an Israeli penetration agent within the organization and (b) Yousef is subject to a death sentence in Gaza as a traitor and apostate Muslim. We all now know too well just how grizzly Islamist beheading executions are.

Ran at SiVisPacem, Bob Belvedere at The Camp of the Saints, Maggie Thornton at Maggie's Notebook, and James at Reaganite Republican are all discussing this compelling story in greater depth at their blogs. Save Mosab Yousef has great detail and history links to follow.

Mosab Yousef's Extradition Hearing is tomorrow, June 30 in San Diego. I'm hoping that those of you who live within reasonable driving distance can make it there to show Yousef that you support his courage.


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