Monday, June 21, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Peter Schiff is on The CT Republican Primary Ballot

I just wanted all to know that Peter Schiff has made it onto the Republican Primary Ballot in Connecticut. Peter Schiff will be competing against Rob Simmons (who remains on the ballot but has suspended his campaign) and Linda McMahon (the national Democrat Party's favorite "Republican" because of her 2006 $10K contribution to Nancy Pelosi's DCCC and 3 campaign contributions to Rahm Emanuel congressional campaigns) See my earlier post on those contributions here.

Please stop by Peter's campaign website and make a contribution if you can. He's fighting a self financed multi-millionaire who is completely undeserving of the nomination she won at the State convention. Click here to give

UPDATE I: Judy Aron at Consent of the Governed has more on Peter Schiff's Historic Ballot Petition Drive here.

UPDATE II June 22, 10:40 PM Pitbull Patriots has a great post up on Peter here. (H/T LeftCoastRebel)
Mon, Jun 21, 2010

Best-selling Author Lauds Volunteers for Successful Statewide Efforts

MILFORD, CT - U.S. Senate candidate and economy expert Peter Schiff today announced he earned a spot on the August 10th Republican primary ballot. Schiff exceeded the 8,268 signatures required by state law and received confirmation from Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz.

"We are thrilled to hear the news that our efforts have proved successful," said Peter Schiff. "Connecticut Republicans now have a alternative: a wrestling promoter or a businessman and economist. Given the state of our economy, I think the choice is clear."

"I look forward to waging a competitive campaign and defeating Linda McMahon August 10th," Schiff added. "I am confident as voters learn more about me, they will like what they see and hear. From fighting to remove the government roadblocks preventing employers from creating jobs to keeping taxes low, I am the only one in the race with the skill-set necessary to help get our economy back on track."

A staunch believer that America can no longer borrow to live beyond its means, Schiff pledges to use expertise garnered from building a successful investment company to stop growing the government and start growing our economy.