Sunday, November 1, 2009

Rule 5 Sunday - Carla Bruni | No Doubt the Hottest Political Spouse

Carla Bruni | First Lady of France
and No Doubt the Hottest Political Spouse in Recent History
(Perhaps Ever...)

NICK, you lucky HORN-DAWG !!!!


  1. LOL! And I thought Michelle Obama was the fashion icon?!

  2. Why do I feel like I just stumbled into a frat party? ;-)

  3. @ Andrew: Hmmm you don't get out much I guess (EG)

    @ Writer X: Because you maybe you did?

  4. Interesting... Carla reminds me somewhat of Princess Grace of Monaco. Hate to ruin the frat party mood 'n all, but seriously, Carla seems very likable.

    Heh... Did you catch the foto of Carla and the Michelle sitting alongside? No caption needed.

  5. Good Lord, she's so hot.

    And if she's not conservative herself, at least she had the good sense to marry one.

    (Hmmm. Although... French conservatives aren't really conservative, but they're the closest thing available, so I guess it still counts.)

  6. @Andrew: for your viewing pleasure -

  7. Back again for some more Carla loveliness...