Sunday, November 29, 2009

I.R.S. Liens Governator's Properties to the Tune of $79K - Did Ahnawld Piss Someone off Perhaps?

The L.A. Times is reporting that the I.R.S. has attached a lean against all of Governator's assets:

Read the whole rather odd story here:

IRS files $79,000 tax lien against Schwarzenegger

One might wonder why Timmy (ooops I forgot to pay my taxes) Geithner's collection division would be so aggressive toward a quite friendly and symbiotic RINO? Well, just maybe it all relates back to Gerald Walpin's investigation into Barackophile and good buddy Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson's alleged misuse of federal AmeriCorp funds. It appears Walpin's initial inquiries into Johnson's possible misappropriational conduct may well have been triggered at Arnie's request that the FEDS investigate allegations of Johnson's separate misuse of young female staffers.

Did Arnie step on some very sensitive toes to himself trigger the retributive reflex of the Obama Treasury Department's enforcers?

To refresh your recollection on this story, here's a link to my June 27, 2009 post Walpin's Kevin Johnson Investigation Initiated at Request of Governator ????

It certainly makes for interesting speculation...


  1. Good piece... I don't think this would surprise anyone coming from the petty and vindictive thugs that are running the country- typical

    And Ahnold kissed his posterior... that strategy never works with narcissists, eh?

  2. Interesting take, and very possible. The left has a history of using the IRS to punish those that upset them. Then, they try to use plausible deniability to say, "Now, why would we do something so obvious."