Wednesday, November 4, 2009

From ..."In a handbasket": Obama Not Watching

More than a bit busy today, so here is a great post from the very talented Miss. T.C. Shore writing "...In A Handbasket" who reflects on the W.H.'s official position that BOTUS isn't paying attention to yesterday's election returns.

Yeah! uh-huh! So Axelrod, where's that bridge you have for sale? Brooklyn?


After spending many days and millions of tax-payer dollars campaigning in Virginia and New Jersey, it's clear that Obama has no coat-tails.

One year ago, Obama handily won Virginia and New Jersey, and now his star-power has dimmed to a twinkle as both Virginia and New Jersey elected Republican candidates into high office.

Apparently the White House spin machine was not ready to explain the results. It was a nice touch not having to listen to Obama lecture us about how wonderful and bright he is and how he inherited every problem under the sun from the previous administration. The White House issued a statement after the GOP win saying the president was "not watching election returns and would not be making any remarks on the results." Bet me.

The key question now is: how are the Blue Dog Democrats going to view this big new political news? This was the first real poll of public sentiment about big government, big tax and spend, and the Obama-Pelosi-Reid drive to socialize America as fast as possible.

To be clear, these elections were not purely a referendum on Obama. Each candidate and each state has its own unique nuances. However, enough voters expressed that the Obama presidency played a role in their decision to affect the outcome. Clearly, independent voters, the ones who actually decide elections, are unhappy with the direction Obama is taking us.


  1. What? You don't beleve that he was busy watching V instead of the elections that he worked so hard on? Your are far too cynical my friend!

    Seriously, this is likely to mean the Blue Dogs are going to slam on the brakes for his agenda until after the 2010 election.

  2. If he was watching V, he was probably taking notes!

    I think this election did send a message, else the media wouldn't be trying so hard to say that it didn't

  3. In case you didn't hear about this:

  4. ISG. Thanks for the heads up. Not at all surprising though. Becky seems to be a favorite target of the enraged knee-jerk left.

  5. Yeah, she came back, and now she's having a problem with Facebook. Sheesh.

  6. The only one who believes the delusion that Obama wasn't watching the election night results is Obama. And maybe Nancy but in her case it's the botox talking.