Tuesday, August 4, 2009

"Cash for Votes" Bill Stumbles but Trucks On.... $2 Billion More

Harry Reid, Nevada's very weird Senator and (to my continuing astonishment) majority leader of that once august chamber he leads, advises that the Senate will indeed extend BOTUS' Cash for Clunkers program (a transparent vote buying effort) with an infusion of an additional $2 BILLION, all to the apparent delight of Honda, Toyota and Hyundai. Yes, based on early numbers, it seems that American auto manufacturers may NOT be the principal beneficiaries of "Cash for Votes."

Oddly enough (or perhaps not, given the party in control) the Senate seems intent on pressing forward with the program against the apparent wishes of most American voters who oppose "Cash for Votes" 54% to 33%.

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  1. I watched the House debate on this, the 2billion extension. Basically members judged that the system running out of money was a sign of massive success. Could I run my business like that?