Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Becky C. - Gone for good, or at least until she resurrects....

One of my favorite blogs Just a Girl in Short Shorts Talking about Whatever is no longer available at all on Blogger. Becky C. who wrote Just a Girl, has a razor sharp wit, she's both smart and a smart-ass and she was always willing to call out anyone on their BS, and very frequently did, including the boyz at Google.

About three weeks ago, after nearly three and a half years of blogging, Becky said Au-Revoir to us all. It appears that Becky had been "flagged" for putting up the image of a bare-breasted woman sitting at the edge of a pool [Egads!]. For a time, Blogger put up a mature audience page which Becky's readers would have to click through to get to her blog. The same had already happened in back in May, but Becky's readers were apparently able to raise enough of a rukus to "encourage" Blogger to pull the interstitial block. Not so the second time.

Becky had repeatedly admonished her readers that she is a reluctant blogger, so she may in fact have happily not fought Blogger's second censure as vigorously as she might have.

This morning I stopped in to see if Becky had perhaps had a change of heart and came face up against this new interstitial page stating that Becky was in violation of Blogger's TOS.

For years Becky (a libertarian lesbian lawyer) freely called the Bush Administration on its flagrant violations of the constitution. It appears she had a very strong following in the liberal/progressive GLTB community that cheered on her criticisms of Bush et al. But once BOZ was sworn in and Becky turned her attentions to him and his merry crew of Chicago bandit scum, Becky lost a lot of readership and began getting flagged for technical violations of Blogger's TOS. In her farewell post, Becky pointed out that in the previous three years of blogging she had NEVER been flagged by anyone for objectionable material. She concluded - I believe correctly - that a mindless Obama drone(s) had purposely flag attacked her blog to stifle criticism of the One.

Anyway, now Blogger/Google has administered the coup de grace to Just a Girl and none of us can reach her thoughtful work. Shame on you Blogger.

Becky, if you read this, please know that I miss you and really do look forward to your imminent return to the fray.

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