Monday, April 8, 2013

MUST SEE POWERFUL PRO 2A TESTIMONY of Cuban Refugeee in Salem Oregon.

With Hat tip to Jim22 at TheRealRevo, below is the astonishingly powerful testimony of Cuban refugee Manuel Martinez who escaped from the Progressive Utopian Workers' Paradise of Cuba schooling the legislative panel of progressives on the very real perils of gun confiscation.

This is MUST watch stuff:


  1. When you frame the situation the way this Cuban American has, it's compelling -- to everyone but progressives.

    "You people don't know what freedom is because you haven't lost it," sums it up nicely.

    1. LL: As you well know, Progressives are wholly impervious to the testimonies of men such as Manuel Martinez because they are at their cores Leninist wolves in "liberal" academic sheep's clothing.

      In pushing their agenda, they follow Lenin's instruction to probe as you would with a bayonet. If you encounter mush you advance. If you encounter steel you retreat.

      From the surge of anger here in Connecticut since last Thursday, I'm beginning to feel optimistic that they are, FINALLY, encountering steel.

  2. I don't know, my friend. The progressives are angry sheep. They are bound and determined to bring a utopian vision to pass without the slightest concept of unintended consequences and cause and effect.