Sunday, April 7, 2013

Jim Himes Town Hall in Greenwich: Citizen Breathless Regurgitates the "Musket Argument"

I had the unique [dis]pleasure of sitting in on Jim Himes’ Town Hall meeting yesterday. He expressed his great pride that Connecticut pushed through great “common sense” gun laws on a bi-partisan basis to create the strictest laws banning “assault rifles” in the country. That is now the Progressive Meme, it was a "bi-partisan" effort, which when translated from ProgSpeak, means in everyday language that Repugnicants held us down so the Progs could administer a gang rape.

During the Q&A phase a breathless fellow who’s name I unfortunately forget said, effectively: That second Amendment, I mean it was written like 200 years ago or something, when only muskets existed. The framers of the constitution couldn’t possibly have imagined the kind of arms that exist today, we should just get rid of it. Much loud applause followed from the mostly blue hairs in attendance. Jim Himes let out a smarmy chuckle at that.

The Progressives’ “musket argument” – invariably perceived by the person regurgitating it as a brilliant observation all their own – is an absurd canard.

The framers certainly did indeed anticipate technological advances, not just in firearms but all types of useful items which is why they provided a means to develop a patent system in the U.S. Constitution itself. See, e.g. U.S. Constitution, Art I, Section 8, cl. 8.

The First Amendment to the Constitution, which protects the Free speech and press rights Progressives so loudly claim to value dearly was adopted simultaneously with the Second Amendment and all the others too of course. At the time of it’s adoption, the means of exercising First Amendment rights were mainly limited to the Soap Box and one’s own voice, the quill pen and the printing press. Today, well more than 200 hundred years later, that same amendment also protects content expressed in: photographs, film, musical and voice recordings, electronic media, television, radio and the internet. God willing it will do so for as long as our awesome Republic survives.


Under Mr. Breathless's logic, it seems we should limit First Amendment protection to content expressed only through means available at the time of the Amendment's adoption, RIGHT JIM HIMES?

UPDATE:   Well, someone in Washingtoon stopped by for a long visit:

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