Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Why do Lying Pollsters Lie? To Push the Herd to Their Desired Result

There are two great blog posts up on the internet today that discuss the reasons why pollsters skew their polls through the use of various tricks to reach a desired result. The consensus of these two writers is that dishonest pollsters actively seek to direct the"herd" to a desired result. You should read their analysis directly at the links provided below, but here's a sample of what they are saying:

Clearly, these polls are fakes, just as so many others have been in recent months. It’s becoming a worn out story how the polls are skewing sample sizes well into the double digits, well beyond the peak of Democratic turnout in 2008, to show Obama with a tiny lead. Why are they doing this?
The answer is simple: the herd instinct. 
As I’ve said many times before, humans are by instinct herd animals. Marketing people understand this, which is why so many advertisements tell you that if you want to belong, you better do what everybody else is doing and buy their product. These appeals work on the human instinct to follow the herd and do what everyone else does.
The left is worried that if it becomes obvious that the public, i.e. the herd, is running with Romney, the rest of the herd will follow. That will create unstoppable momentum. By putting out these fake poll numbers, the MSM hopes to stop the public from realizing the direction of the herd so that Obama has a chance to win people back before the election."

Follow the links below to read their full analyses.

Commenterama Politics: Why The Fake Polls?

Virtual Mirage: Obama - Faked Poll and Twitter Results

But there is no reason to be disheartened. UnSkewedPolls delivers the uncooked results of the leading skewers. Click the graphic below to visit.


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  1. I think that Romney will do even better than that in November.