Sunday, September 2, 2012

Well, Duh!!!!!! - French pessimism nears all-time high

Reuters is reporting French polling data that shows that France's love affair with Francois Hollande is over. 

The French are bleaker about their country's future than at any time since 2005, a new poll showed on Saturday, with 68 percent saying they are "rather" or "very" pessimistic, the highest level ever in the initial months of a new presidency.
The level of pessimism fell just short of an all-time high of 70 percent registered in August 2005, when the poll was created near the end of Jacques Chirac's government.

Hollande's government has been reeling from unemployment at a 13-year high and a rash of job cuts in recent weeks at top employers like carmaker Peugeot and retailer Carrefour. The government launched a plan this week to create 150,000 state-sponsored jobs for youth. 
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The only thing mystifying to this writer is how the French remain stubbornly oblivious to the obvious: Socialism can't work. Never has, never will. 

Note to French: There is but one single long road out of socialist hell for you. Dump the Euro, drastically curtail the powers of the European Union, eviscerate your antiquated bureaucracies and elect fiscally conservative Austrian School deputies. It might take a decade to see real results, but France will boom at the end of the process. Please excuse me for not holding my breath though.


  1. Oui, jettez le Euro, émasculez le EU, engagez les Misesiens...

    Mais, pour qua tu na pas conseille le guillotine?

    1. I leave such methods of craven retribution to the leftists. We Libertarians seek to liberate, not terrify and enslave.

    2. Yeah, I'm not so sure. Until the Left fears that it must pay dearly for its evil, it will continue its parasitic ways.

      When the Left preaches to me that "all who are not socialists are enemies of the State" and "all enemies of the State deserve death" they are also telling me what they fear and respect, yes?

      Then again, during the last century, we saw hundreds of millions dead in wars and pogroms started by totalitarians of various leftist flavor, with little if any resistance from the libertarian right. Despite the ease of their destruction, the Left is still going extinct from abortive suicide. Perhaps there is no need for the terror of the guillotine after all. Just leave the abortifacients and condoms on the shelf.... they'll just do themselves in.

      (I'd keep the guillos greased, just in case.)

  2. Communism is a one way ride down-hill. You're on the money with this blog.