Friday, May 25, 2012

Are Brett Kimberlin & Co. Far Left Cyber Terrorists?

I'm REALLY late to this story, but in solidarity with John Patrick Frey and R. Stacey McCain and others who've suffered in varying degrees from the despicable acts of Kimberlin and his Cohort I've decided I must blog this story too.

I've been watching the story unfold for a few days now - though I hadn't read deeply into it until this morning when I read Scott Greenfield's (Simple Justice) post on the subject. From Scott's supportive post, I hopped over to Patterico's Pontification (written by L.A. County Deputy District Attorney John Patrick Frey) to find the truly awful tale of woe that he and his wife have suffered at the hands of Kimberlin allies. 

"Despicable," "Evil", "Shocking," "Vicious," "Chilling" are all adjectives too weak to fully describe the nightmare Mr. Frey and his family have suffered and, as noted earlier, he is not alone in having experienced the effects of these terrorists' deeds. Their conduct is so egregiously bad that it could very easily have gotten Frey himself killed by police.... So, rather than prattle on here with far less eloquence than Pat, I send you directly to his page that lays out the whole story - and then some - on Brett Kimberlin, Ron Brynaert and Neal Rauhauser. 

WARNING!!!! It really does not make for a happy read, BUT it is a necessary read to fully understand the very sick minds that increasingly populate the "Progressive" left.


I neglected Aaron Worthing's encounters with Brett Kimberlin which are equally mind-boggling - albeit without the life threatening consequences Pat Frey's experience. Read Aaron's story here.

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  1. Technically, these mugs aren't "progressive" but radicals. But that's fine; While the Left has its in-house buyer's remorse, the two factions are stuck together by such pathetic linkage as Kimberlin. A pox on both their houses.