Thursday, March 1, 2012

R.I.P. Andrew Breitbart. has announced the sudden passing of Andrew Breitbart last night shortly after midnight. This is a sad loss to the movement of a very brave and selfless culture warrior. Andrew, you will be missed. Rest in Peace.

Michelle Malkin has more here

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Don at Conservative Hideout 2 here

Jeff Dunetz at Yid with Lid has a moving tribute to Andy here

Andrew Price at Commenterama, explains Andy's genius and goal here


And from the deranged OWS Lefties:

Note the vlogger's contorted face and his spasmodic gesticulations from 1:10 into the Vlog. Must be off his anti-psychotics.
Awww. Shucks! SKANK BOY took down his vid!


  1. What a guy! What a role model.

    Thanks LA!

  2. Thanks for the link Libertarian Advocate!

    Andrew Breitbart will be missed.

  3. That OWS idiot earns the name "LibTard." I'm sure Andrew has the last laugh, though. ...and the Truth shall set you free!

  4. The guy sure showed us how it’s done, that's for sure... you got to go after these libs, get in their face

    Prayers go out to Andrew’s family and friends from a big fan and admirer