Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lets do Karzai one better....

Seems Hamid Karzai wants Afghani forces to assume all security responsibilities in 2013 rather than 2014 and "the president [Karzai] also wants the United States to pull all its troops out of villages, where they have outposts, and relocate them in their bases." AFP via Yahoo

I say let's do him one better and get the HELL OUT NOW!

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  1. I agree with you.

    There is no valid reason for us to remain in that flea-bitten 'Islamic paradise' one moment longer.

    1. Amen gents.

      I've an idea: Couldn't we just leave The Won there, behind, and struggle on without him? I'm sure he still has his Indonesian passport...

  2. My daughter is scheduled to be redeployed next Feb. I hope we're outta there by then. I feel back for some of the Afghanis who will have to deal with the Taliban, but that's no reason to send troops there. Every invader since Alexander the Great has pulled out of that s**thole. Too bad we didn't learn.

  3. SIG94: Please extend my thanks to your daughter for her courageous service and let her know that what follows below is directed at the REMFs and not her or her fellow soldiers.

    One might hope that those to whom we delegate the responsibility and therefore power to wage war on our behalf would have the good sense to PAY FUCKING ATTENTION to history - all it takes is to READ it - and thereby understand that Afghanistan has a long and well deserved reputation as a graveyard of empires. But the "smartest guys in the room" apparently aren't. It doesn't take a genius to know that we should have kept our presence there very light and highly mobile, as we started it with special operators only. Insert, kill, extract; insert, kill, extract; insert, kill extract... until we killed as many of the shitheads as we could, and then send the survivors another message, give us OBL or we'll start again. The whole thing might have been over inside of a year, but then the shit for brains got control of it.