Monday, September 5, 2011

News from the Obamaphate: Emulating Jimmy to Win in 2012

Back on the  January 31 of this year  I wrote a brief post titled "BOTUS Be Jimmy Carter, Version 10x" 

I don't pretend to be the least bit prophetic, rather, I think of myself as just a moderately good analyst of in the field of foreign affairs. It seems I was pretty much on target in my comparison of Obama as Jimmy Carter on ROIDS.

News from yesterday indicates that Islamist groups intend to transform the inchoate mess that is now Libya - thanks to Obama/Sarkozy/Cameron - into yet another Islamic fundamentalist enclave. Carter will forever be remembered as the President who lost Iran and who drove our economy into the ground.

Few alive and cognizant of world events at the time could have imagined any subsequent President being worse at his job than was Jimmih, but Obama has plainly trounced Carter's legacy as worst president ever. See, e.g. this from LL at Virtual Mirage.

Adding to the irony of Barack's Libya Policy comes news that BOTUS' Arab allies now consolidating power in Tripoli are rounding up blacks.


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