Tuesday, September 6, 2011

News for the Obamaphate: Open Thank You Note to Jimmy Hoffa

Dear Mr. Hoffa:

I can't hope to express my deep gratitude to you in mere words, but please be assured that I am genuinely grateful for the remarks you made yesterday at the Labor Day Rally in Detroit.

You at least were honest enough to express your true heart and by doing so have single-handedly fully reignited the passion on our side. Your words really have been truly inspirational for us. Please, I implore you to continue to express your thoughts  and feelings - holding nothing back - on these and all other matters in this election cycle.

Again, my heartfelt thanks to you,

Libertarian Advocate


  1. It's telling that Obama would even take the podium after that speech. And it explains in no uncertain terms what The One would like to tell us. I'm sure that he'd pick up the Jeremiah Wright "God damn America!" refrain if he could.

    Unfortunately being THAT obvious wouldn't sit well with a few of his followers, so he let Hoffa do the heavy lifting for him.

  2. LL: It would come as no shock to me if Hoffa's comments were crafted - or at least remixed - in David Plouffe's shop

  3. Oh, amen. A-men.

    Hey LA, send me an email when you post. Thanks. -R