Friday, April 29, 2011

More Horse Mess from The Obamaphate: "Dick" Blumenthal calls for gas price investigations


Erstwhile Connecticut A.G., current U.S. Senator from the same state, and total stranger to the truth, Richard "Dick" Blumenthal calls for investigations into soaring gas prices, citing illegal speculation by investors and hedge funds.

Not surprising I suppose that this fully paid-up member of the District of Columbia League of Economic Morons is unable to grasp the real sources behind soaring petroleum prices.

In the spirit of bi-partisanship, I offer the following accurate road map for where any investigation should begin:

Investigate Barack Obama who shut down Gulf of Mexico Drilling yanking 3 million barrels of oil a day from the world market and who continues to spend money we don't have at a hallucinatory rate.

Investigate Hillary Clinton the incompetent Secretary of State who's management of U.S. foreign affairs vis-a-vis the oil producing regions led to our federal government getting caught with its pants around its ankles, kinda like husband Bill.

Investigate Ben Bernake who's insane pursuit of Quantitative Easing a/k/a money printing (presently in version 2.0) is debasing the currency, which in turn drives up the price of petroleum and all other dollar priced commodities.

Yeah, that'll happen....

UPDATE I: Fellow Connecticut blogger Don Pesci also writes about DICK Blumenthal's obeisance to the machinations of the Obamaphate at his blog Connecticut Commentary: Red Notes from a Blue State.

UPDATE II: Similarly, more discussion can be found on the domestically disastrous effects of the Federal Reserve Banks policy of shredding the value of the currency at Can we keep our Republic?

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